Architect | Design Textile Structures

°6 February 1968



Preliminary study for the ‘Brain Cell’ in the Belgian pavilion at World Expo Shanghai 2010, design by Conix Architects

Study for Your Suite In Nature. Car design by Enthoven Associates and Ysin



Winner Good Design Award 2008 with design ‘Umbellae’

Design and creation for Ouwehands Dierenpark (Rhenen, NL): sail sculpture as eye-catcher over zoo entrance

Design and creation at Forum Julianum (Tongeren, BE): roof structure over courtyard of shopping mall (renovated convent)



Exhibition ‘Ratchapruek’ with Manta (Chiang Mai, Thailand). A collaboration with Daniel Ost

Competition Ministry Complex in Abu Dhabi (UAE) 2007: honourable mention. Design: ESTE architects Brussels, design tensile structures: The Nomad Concept

Exhibition ‘, Design in Belgium after 2000’, Grand-Hornu Images (Hornu, BE)



Travelling exhibition ‘Vleugelvlug’ (Wing Fast) with Phylosophus, Rasa



Design and creation of parasol ‘Umbellae’ in co-operation with art collective L’Anverre

Participant in Architecture Biennial A-Days (Rotterdam, NL)



Design and creation of sail sculpture ‘Phylosophus’



Exhibition at Theaxus art gallery (Kwaremont, BE)

Design of ‘Cathedral sail sculpture’, Reduit Fort 4 (Mortsel, BE)

Design of garden pavilion/library for Peterbroeck (Lasne, BE)

Exhibition at Theaxus art gallery (Kwaremont, BE)



Exhibition ‘Second nature’ (Zoersel)



Design and creation of sail sculpture ‘Manta’

Design and creation of  sail sculpture ‘Icebird’

Successful candidate in 2000 VIZO-Design Flanders autumn round

Exhibition ‘Light and textile architecture: Amandus VanQuaille’, ‘t Eksternest (Rumbeke, BE)

Founding of sail sculpture design studio ‘The Nomad Concept’



Co-founder and chairman ‘Himalayan Culture Preservation Group’ (Aachen, Germany)

Exhibition ‘Buddhist Monasteries in Ladakh, Western Tibet’, Tibetan Institute Schoten (BE), Prof. Dr. Ing. J. Pieper, A. VanQuaille, H. Vets



Exhibition ‘Buddhist Monasteries in Ladakh, Western Tibet’, RWTH Aachen (DE),  Prof. Dr. Ing. J. Pieper, A. VanQuaille, H. Vets



Candidate PhD student on ‘Human Settlements in the Tibetan Himalayas’, Prof. Dr. Ing. J. Pieper, RWTH Aachen (DE)

Research minimal surfaces and calculation of tensile structures; programming mathematical calculation methods for design and production of minimal nets and sail structures



Project Manager of research project for the German Research Foundation and RWTH (Technical University of Rhineland-Westphalia, Aachen, DE), Department of Architectural History and Monument Preservation, Prof. Dr. Ing. J. Pieper: ‘Settlement Processes in Ladakh, the West-Tibetan Himalayas’



Co-founder of studio ‘Office for Nomad Architecture’ with Hilde Vets

Design of, a.o., ‘Grasshouse XX’ (Berlaar, BE)



Internship at Jacques Wirtz’s studio, landscapist and garden architect

Design of, a.o.: garden pavilion in the historical Elysée garden, la Présidence (Paris, FR),  Seghers tea pavilion (Schoten, BE), Goldberg poolhouse (Brussels, BE), d’Hulst garden pavilion and greenhouse (Kortijk, BE), Brendel music hall (Germany), co-designer landscape study Rekkem (BE) border area (competition 09/1993)



Assistant CAD/CAM research (development of spatial structures), architect J.P. Martin



Third-level education Architecture, Saint Lucas Higher Institute for Architecture (Ghent, BE) – 2 final years of study as ILAUD student (International Laboratory for Architectural & Urban Design)



Interruption of studies for an academic visit to India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand and Japan

Specific architectural and anthropological research on Tibetan culture culminating in a thesis entitled ‘Pangboche: a speculative, historical architectural study’



First trip to Nepal, with a focus on the Tibetan part



Secondary education, Latin and Maths section, Saint Barbara college (Ghent, BE)