Because every man and woman is unique, Nomad Concept creates a UNIQUE ARCHITECTURAL SAIL for you, adjusted to your personal desires. With our bespoke projects we meet your personal wishes and the typical characteristics of the environs – the surrounding architecture, garden or landscape. Architectural sails are the ultimate link between architecture and landscape / cityscape. All of our sail sculptures are open and create exciting perspectives. Nomad Sails provide a genuine feeling of luxury. Nomad Concept sails are made of the highest possible quality materials available worldwide to ensure a lasting feeling of luxury. At this point we are a unique partner. Our architectural sails extend your life space and quality.

Starting from your wishes and budget, we make a preliminary design, showing the composition in its three-dimensional surrounding. Once the preliminary design is approved, we can issue an offer and start working out the technical details and the fabrication.

We work on three levels: RESIDENTIAL , CORPORATE and PUBLIC .