The Nomad Concept has several exclusive sail sculptures for rent (up to 1100 m²). Our airy open sails have served as shelters at fantastic parties and festivals. The image and atmosphere are extraordinary.
The most famous model is the “Add-on”. This shelter exists out of different sails, which can be brought together. Per sail (100 m²) you can shelter 100 persons. This model also has a corner sail when fixed, reaches until the ground.
For your parties and receptions in addition to its functionality, the “the Add-on” will give an extra character for your event.
One of the best known sail sculptures of The Nomad Concept is Duvel Dreamship  (present at, a.o., festival of Gooik, Gentse Feesten, Jazz Middelheim and numerous other festivals in Belgium and abroad; the new model has been launched in 2010). Amandus VanQuaille created this special ‘Duvel’ tent exclusively for brewery Moortgat. Simplicity and playfulness are combined in this minimalistic, repetitive structure.
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