✓ Sail sculptures custom made  ✓ Keeps light shadow balance  ✓ Durable and easy-to-use

At The Nomad Concept you will find aesthetically pleasing, elegant, translucent architectural shade sails that excel in design, functionality and quality. Our tailor-made sails are light, highly translucent and are 100% UV resistant. Moreover, we use durable materials to ensure the sails will last for a long time. Find out more about the durability of our architectural shade sails.

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Choose durable architectural shade sails

An architectural shade sail serves both as a permanent and removable construction. Therefore, the durability of the materials we use for our architectural shade sails ensures that the sail sculpture lasts for several years. In other words, our architectural shade sails require limited maintenance. There is a choice between summer textile, PVC or PTFE. You do not have to make this choice alone. The Nomad Concept aims to help you find the right solution. We also make sure that your architectural shade sails are as luxurious as you want. Feel free to have a look at the photos on this site to get an idea of our classy designs. We found inspiration in the nomadic Tibetan culture, applying techniques to highlight the interaction of light and shadow.

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Are you considering purchasing architectural shade sails, but are you still in doubt? Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation. We will do our best to find the ideal solution for you. You can reach us on + 32 (0)3 485 82 80. Alternatively, you can write us a message via our online contact form. You can also attach files to your message.

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