✓ Sail sculptures custom made  ✓ Keeps light shadow balance  ✓ Durable and easy-to-use

The classy design of our shade sails

The Nomad Concept uses a classy design for the creation of its shade sails.  Whether the sail is to be used for residential, corporate or public purposes, they are customized to fit every situation. Our goal is to provide a solution for spaces where the open feeling needs to be preserved. Our shade sails come with a classy design and cover areas without breaking up the game of light and shadows. Read on to find out more about the nomadic culture in Tibet that inspired the sails.
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The nomadic culture inspired the classy design of our shade sails

Architect Amandus Van Quaille found inspiration for the classy design of our shade sails in the nomadic way of life he experienced in Tibet. He studied the culture for more than 7 years. The nomads are masters in constructing tents using yak skins that are tied together and woven belts of wool. Amandus combined the nomadic way with modern membrane construction techniques to come up with the classy design of our shade sails. The result is an ultralight construction that is waterproof and maintains the relationship between inside and outside.

Discuss your personal situation with us

We customize all our shade sails to the personal situation of our clients. Therefore, it is essential to discuss your personal situation with us. Feel free to contact us by calling + 32 (0)3 485 82 80. You can also send us files via the contact form on our website.

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