✓ Sail sculptures custom made  ✓ Keeps light shadow balance  ✓ Durable and easy-to-use

Luxurious party shade sails

The Nomad Concept creates architectural sail structures for every situation: luxurious party shade sails, sunshade sails and waterproof sail sculptures. We tailor all our sails to your desires and needs.  Our luxurious party sails are known for respecting the complex relationship between light and shadow while of course providing the desired cover. Moreover, they preserve a natural connection between inside and outside while giving a sense of luxury. Continue reading to find out more about our luxurious party shade sails.
Interested in our sails?

Luxurious party shade sails for every situation

The Nomad Concept makes luxurious shade sails for every situation: a party, a cover for your garden or an authentic sun protector. The open design of our luxurious part sails was inspired by the nomadic Tibetan culture. Our architect Amandus Van Quaille added his own artistic spin to the concept of the nomadic tents, while still implementing the flexibility, versatility and ease of dismantling. We combine these qualities with aesthetics. The Nomad Concept regards art as an existential part of life that keeps us moving. In other words, if you are looking for a party tent that preservers the energizing relation between architecture and landscape, our luxurious shade sails are a perfect option.

Inform us about your plans

It is essential that we have a clear image of your party setting in our heads, before we can start working on the design of our luxurious shade sails. Our architectural sails are always tailored to the specific needs of our clients. So be sure to share your plans with us over the phone at + 32 (0)3 485 82 80 or add files via the online contact form.

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