Architect Amandus VanQuaille found inspiration in the nomadic Tibetan culture (from here the name of his company “ The Nomad Concept”) and in the way how nomads are masters in making tents, made of tied up yak skins and woven belts in wool. He measured many Buddhist monasteries and studied the Tibetan architecture during more than 7 years.
Modern membrane constructions belong often to the world of engineering.  Architect Amandus VanQuaille wants to go further and brings his personal and original ideas to an artistic level.
When looking at the sculptures of VanQuaille, we feel a unique experience through the repeating game of light and shadow.
Since the beginning, his work has been shown in galleries and art centres (’t Eksternest (Rumbeke), gallery Vizo and Design Flanders (Brussels), “Second Nature” (Zoersel), gallery Theaxus (Kwaremont) , Label-Design (Grand-Hornu), Ratchaphruek (Chang Mai, Thailand) and others.