✓ Sail sculptures custom made  ✓ Keeps light shadow balance  ✓ Durable and easy-to-use

Triangular shade sail

The triangular design of our ‘Nomads Classics’ shade sail is inspired by the Tibetan way of life. The Nomad Concept focusses on mobility, flexibility and versatility. These values are ingrained in the nomadic culture. Architect Amandus Van Quaille modernised the authentic nomadic design to fit perfectly into every setting. If you are looking for a solution for a grey dark school are, our sails could help to open you space without breaking the light balance. The triangular design and openness of our sails also give a sense of luxury.
Interested in our sails?

A waterproof triangular shade sail tailored to your environment

All our sails are waterproof and customized to meet your specific needs. We operate on a residential, public and corporate level. As we mentioned above, our sails can be a solution for your school yard. Our triangular shade sail introduces covered areas without taking away the light balance, since our sails are translucent. We value translucency, because light inspires and energises. This also applies to art. When installing our triangular shade sail, we therefore also take into account the style of the buildings in the area. We are convinced that architects are artists and should treat each other’s work with respect.

Feel free to call us to talk about our sails

We love talking about what inspires us, such as the Tibetan nomadic culture. Feel free to call to + 32 (0)3 485 82 80 to discuss your personal situation and needs. You can also send us images via our online contact form. This will enable us to get a better idea of your plans and to start thinking about the design of the triangular shade sail.

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